Frequently Asked Questions

To choose Kid’s House Nursery School, is to choose a school that has been offering a balanced teaching between tradition and innovation in which the pupil passes to be the focus point.
We are convinced that Kid’s House Nursery School is the option for those demanding parents who in addition to look for the services of a quality nursery school, want to give a good basis to their children in a global and international world.

In Kid’s House Nursery School, the learning of English starts in P-0, that is to say from the age of 4 months.

Our method of English teaching is linguistic immersion in the every day life of the pupil, without any doubt it is the most natural way and the one that has proven to be the most effective.

Yes, Kid’s House Nursery School has been the first school in the city to opt decisively for English and therefore, since its foundation in 2005, it has done so sparing no expense to get exclusively native teaching staff, guaranteeing an unquestionable excellence in this area of so much importance for us.

It varies depending on the age group, but on an average, Kid’s House Nursery School, reaches up to 35% daily with views to increase that proportion even further.

The number of pupils varies year after year, in any case the approximate maximal ratio would be of 8, 13, and 20 for P-0, P-1, P-2.

For our school eating is something very important, we always do it with the group’s teacher supported by helpers promoting a quiet and relaxing environment, we usually eat in the classrooms in order to have small groups.

Yes, at those ages 0-3 years it is very important, actually in P-0 there is a total adaptation, that is why there are different spaces to achieve an environment that is better adapted to individual needs.

All our teaching staff is qualified and moreover we demand them to have the food handling license and the first-aid certificate.

We have one tutor for each classroom and group that is in charge of the group, assisted by the number of helpers required in every moment and depending on the age, it can be one, two or more.

Kid’s House Nursery School, was born in Sabadell fruit of the hard work and will of a family Serradell Casanovas & Argemí Alsina, interested in offering a quality nursery school like those that can be found in big European cities, with an updated concept offering what we parents are looking for nowadays. Its founder is Ricard Serradell Casanovas, who after a long experience leading projects and teams of workers in the international area, saw the need and then the possibility to offer an inexisting service for this age group.
He then followed a specialisation course in baby swimm, a course offered by the Spanish Federation of Swimming, with the aim of being able to offer baby swimm through, MATROSWIM, an exclusive project for young kids (newborns) and their parents in specialized facilities. Currently we are working on ways to launch that project.

We welcome your kids from 07:45h to 18:30h.

In our school, we promote all expressive, technical and motor skills and abilities, as well as the social, personal and working skills, all of which find a very important and solid support in all those activities involving painting, handicrafts, experimentation, dancing, shows and music with our specialists.

Yes, Kid’s House Nursery School, is an authorised centre by the EDUCATION DEPARTMENT OF THE AUTONOMOUS GOVERNMENT OF CATALONIA, with the number 08064601, and it is therefore guaranteed by the requirements and periodic inspection to which it is obliged.

Yes, they use a uniform starting in P-1. It is simply a school smock and an outfit that turns out to come in really handy in a nursery school.

The school opens from September to July and closes during August. You can enrol your children at any time of the year, provided there is a place available.

Yes, you can use that service sporadically and would only be charged for the days you used it, you can also choose a tariff where it is included in the monthly fee.

Kids can start as soon as they have reached 4 months of age.

Yes, it is more and more common.

No, there is only one payment of the enrolment fee per family, so if one or more siblings join Kid’s House Nursery School you will not have to pay another enrolment fee.

Yes, at Kid’s House Nursery School we use English, Spanish and Catalan in our day to day activities, being the first trilingual school in Sabadell.

Yes, we have our own kitchen and our own cooks, we prepare all the food with quality raw materials that are delivered to us daily, it is first choice market cuisine. A large part of the fresh products are organic, we don’t use deep fryer and avoid all processed products, we knead and bake our own afternoon snack daily.

Safety has always been one of Kid’s House Nursery School’s main priorities, actually the whole school is on one floor, that means there are no staircases. The first thing you will notice when you come to visit us, is that everything has been thought so as to minimise to the utmost any kind of accident, in fact we realize NO activities nor trips outside the nursery.

Respecting the personal freedom of each family in all scopes, we are a school with a christian identity, and promote some values that we believe to be important:

  • The idea of serving society
  • The satisfaction of doing your work properly
  • Work done with care and respect
  • Building trustful relationships based on sincerity, loyalty and humbleness